My RosaCup & an IUD

Can they be used together?


Every women is unique & also the use of their menstrual cups. Mentrual cups may work for some & not for others, & while some may get it right the first time, others may need to do some more research & keep at it until they find what works for them.

Yes, it is true, a menstrual cup can dislodge your IUD. Though we have found this to be rare, it does happen.

First thing's first: Check with your GP or Gynae as to what would best suit you, your needs & your use of a menstrual cup.


The RosaCup menstrual cup is available in two sizes.

It is important to get the right size that fits you to prevent leakage and irritation.


Factors to be considered when choosing your size are flow, age & your child bearing history.


Its advisable to use a Large cup if you have a heavy flow, regardless of other considerations. Additionally a Small cup should be used for a light flow, as long as the other considerations are taken into account.


Women with smaller vaginal canals would be recommended to use the S sized cup, and women with a larger vaginal canal should use a L sized cup.


Women who have given birth, regardless of birth procedure, should use a size L.


The vaginal muscles change with age and pregnancy. The loss of elasticity and tone in the vaginal muscles become more apparent with age. If you have been diagnosed with any pelvic floor deficiencies a L cup should be used.

In order to maintain pelvic strength kegel exercises and Pilates are recommended as beneficial exercises.


If you are a virgin you should use size S, please consult your GP should you have any concerns regarding your hymen.

It's my first time using the cup, what do I need to know?

If you are trying your RosaCup for the first time, ensure to test it at a time when you are not in a hurry. It will feel strange doing it at first, but that’s completely normal. You might want to wear a sanitary pad or pantyliner in the beginning as you will need some practice. Only try your RosaCup when you are on your period.

Can I lubricate my RosaCup before inserting?

Yes, you can lubricate your RosaCup with a water-based lubricant or plain water.

Does it make a mess when you remove it?

No. When removed correctly, by pinching your RosaCup first to break the suction seal, there should be no spills. You empty it directly into the toilet.

What do I do if I'm out and about or in a public bathroom?

No need to panic, there are a few things you can do. Firstly, you can carry a small spray bottle filled with water or a bottle of water in your bag to rinse your cup inside the booth. Alternatively, you can simply use some dry toilet paper and wipe your RosaCup instead of rinsing it out. Make sure to rinse your cup again properly when you get home.

Do I insert the stem?

Yes, be sure to insert the tip of the stem about 1,2cm into the vagina. Remember inserting the cup too low or too high can cause leaks and also make removal difficult.

Will I feel the cup once inserted?

No, if the cup is inserted correctly you should not feel anything.

Can I cut the stem shorter?

Yes, you can cut the stem, but be sure to take off only a little at a time until it’s comfortable for you.

What if I need to use the loo?

There is no need to empty the cup every time you go to the loo. The cup is inserted into your vagina and does not interfere or block your urethra, which is where you urinate from.

Will I need more than one cup?

No, you only need one cup.

At what age can I start using my RosaCup?

You can start using the cup as soon as you start menstruating. We have a small or large size Rosacup available. The large is perfect for ladies over 30 or those who have given birth. The small is best for women under 30 and who haven’t yet given birth.

How often do I need to empty the cup?

Everyone is unique in their menstrual flow, but on average you should empty your RosaCup every 4 to 12 hours. This might mean every 4 to 5 hours on your heaviest day and 6 to 12 hours on your lighter days. Do not wear your Rosacup for longer than 12 hours without emptying though.

Can I sleep with my RosaCup?

Yes, you can most certainly sleep wearing the cup. Make sure to empty it right before bed and again as soon as you wake up. If you are worried about what happens to the blood when you are laying down, just remember that your cervix only opens a tiny bit to let blood pass through it. This means that the blood is not just going to go back up but will sit in the cup until morning. It’s perfectly safe as the blood isn’t being exposed to air and no infections can occur.

Will my RosaCup leak?

No, it will only leak if its not inserted properly or if it’s full. Small drops of blood are normal within the first 15 minutes of insertion as this fluid was already there when you inserted the cup. If there is a lot of leaking after inserting, you need to reinsert your cup to make sure it is done properly.

Can I use a RosaCup for postpartum bleeding?

No, unfortunately not. You should only use your RosaCup for normal menstrual bleeding.

What are my payment options when ordering?

You can make your payment straight into our bank account with the following details:


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