The RosaCup menstrual cup is available in two sizes.

It is important to get the right size that fits you to prevent leakage and irritation.


Factors to be considered when choosing your size are flow, age & your child bearing history.


Its advisable to use a Large cup if you have a heavy flow, regardless of other considerations. Additionally a Small cup should be used for a light flow, as long as the other considerations are taken into account.


Women with smaller vaginal canals would be recommended to use the S sized cup, and women with a larger vaginal canal should use a L sized cup.


Women who have given birth, regardless of birth procedure, should use a size L.


The vaginal muscles change with age and pregnancy. The loss of elasticity and toneĀ in the vaginal muscles become more apparent with age. If you have been diagnosed with any pelvic floor deficiencies a L cup should be used.

In order to maintain pelvic strength kegel exercises and Pilates are recommended as beneficial exercises.


If you are a virgin you should use size S, please consult your GP should you have any concerns regarding your hymen.