Hi Victoria,

Thank you for making ordering these cups a breeze🌿
I’ve wanted to give them a try for a while now and your page woo’d me, keep up the great work!
DL via email - 11/01/2019

For the ladies….this year I am trying to find ways and products that are more friendly to the environment. Love this product. Easy to use. No mess. Vacuum seal if you know what I mean. We should all make the switch. 
By using this product I save money, less harm to the environment and really comfortable, can’t find anything negative about this product. 
Thank you Rosa Cup!

ND on Facebook - 14/01/2019

If you’ve been on the fence or nervous about making the switch to a cup, DO IIITT!🙌🏻
My Rosacup experience has been great, from efficient and friendly service to super fast delivery. YouTube some how-to’s to get familiar with the workings of the cup and yo body, and you for real won’t regret it x thanks Victoria for making the most inconvenient time a whole lot more deal-able😂💕

DLL on Facebook - 24/01/2019